Transfer Package Pump Station For Pit Dewatering

Packaged Transfer Pump Station


Centex has been entrusted with developing an entire dewatering system for a gold mine.  We evaluated the existing system and identified potential pitfalls.  With the mines, engineering, and planning teams, we worked through various scenarios and came up with a progressive dewatering scheme that makes provisions for the dewatering through to 2028.  We designed a custom solution from the floating suction intakes at the pit bottom to transfer pump stations.

Our Packaged Transfer Pump Station is equipped with high-head Cornell pumps capable of heads exceeding 200m that are strategically positioned in the pit.  Each packaged transfer station is dimensionally the same footprint as a 12m (40ft) ISO 1AA shipping container to allow for ease of transport that can also be dragged or pushed into position using on-site earthmoving equipment.

The transfer pump station doubles up as a stilling chamber to avoid sediment carryover.  Each stage is identical for spare parts interchangeability and ultimate flexibility as the mine plans change.  We are looking forward to commissioning these on-site.  Stay tuned for some on-site photos.

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