Cornell’s Hydro Turbines can be used in industrial plants, small municipalities, and farms by tapping into available resources and produce electric power which can be used as a revenue source or a means to reduce overall energy demand.

Cornell’s Hydro Turbines make it possible to generate power from water sources such as wastewater, excess pump head, or natural streams. Cornell’s Hydro Turbines utilize a centrifugal design for higher efficiency operation.


Energy recovery turbine. Energy recovery pump. Pump as turbine manufactures. Pump as turbine design. Micro Turbine.

Features and Benefits

  • Replaceable wear rings
  • Double volute
  • External balance line
  • Heavy-walled castings
  • Replaceable shaft sleeves
  • Various mounting configurations
  • Flywheel configurations available (surge protection & runaway prevention)
  • Special custom materials for runners available
  • Can be operated in synchronous (grid phasing) or non-synchronous (stand-alone applications)
  • High efficiency
  • Patented Cycloseal® design
  • Low cost of repair
  • Low operating cost
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