Pumps are a Diamond’s Best Friend: Reliable Sea Water Extraction in West Africa

8NHTH dewatering pumps

Centex Fluid Products supplied three Cornell Pump Model 8NHTH-RP-F18DB for a dewatering application on a diamond mine in the West Coast of Africa for sea water extraction. Thanks to their high hydraulic efficiency of 81% we were able to repurpose existing 375kW motors that the client had on site. Custom bases were built to accommodate these motors in both 525V and 6600V with integrated weight and thrust bearing supports.

A special floating intake was designed to prevent ingress of sand and silt into the pump.  This intake was also adequately sized to prevent the formation of vortices and to ensure the flow stream remained laminar while not exceeding the pumps solids handling capability of 100mm. The intake was fitted with standpipes to prevent the intake from bottoming out into the sand when liquid levels drop below its buoyancy capacity. Except for the backing flange, the entire float is constructed in HDPE.

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