Centex offers a wide variety value added features that are engineered to work seamlessly with our pump packages to overcome the most challenging applications. Our innovative features include the following:

Centex-designed flywheels are the simplest and most effective solution to counter the effects of water hammer. This is achieved by allowing the pump to gradually coast down thus minimizing large transient pressure surges. The flywheel provides a secondary benefit of gentle starts and stops drastically improving the life of the rotating assembly and auxiliary equipment.

Centex Fluid Products Lily Pad is a cost-effective, shallow water intake screen manufactured from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with either mild steel or 304/316 Stainless Steel backing flange. The principle of the shallow water intake Lily Pad is based on the relationship between velocity and an altered minimum submergence to avoid and disrupt the formation of vortices. The design of the Centex Lily Pad promotes slow entrance velocities at the intake preventing unwanted debris such as stones, rocks, sand, marine life, and slurry from entering the device and causing a blockage. With no moving parts, the Lily Pad is reliable and easy to maintain. Available in different sizes handling flows up to 1000 m3/h with an operating depth of about 400mm. The Lily Pad operates best with vacuum-assisted, dry prime self-priming pumps as supplied by Cornell Pump Company.

Our skids are designed to meet the most stringent engineering specifications to ensure that they withstand the most adverse site conditions. Finite Element Analysis ensures that the equipment offered is best suited for every application. Centex engineered skids are offered as either permanently installed bases, or as portable drag skids while integrating lifting bail and forklift pockets for maneuverability. They are offered in electric motor, diesel engine, or hydraulic driven configurations. Other Centex engineered solutions are often integrated onto our skids such as flywheels, grinders, fire suppression systems and check valves.

At Centex we offer a variety of trailer packages catering for various market segments. Our experienced Engineers are adept at producing roadworthy or site trailers in either open air packages, weather enclosures, or fully sound attenuated options. We offer both braked and unbraked trailers in either single, double, or triple axle configurations to meet international standards. Fuel tanks can be integrated into the trailer substructure.

We manufacture portable sound attenuated self-priming pumps units from 2-1/2” to 24”, trailer or skid mounted.  Enclosed sound attenuated units are specifically designed for uses in residential areas and “quiet zones”.  They meet or exceed all industry standards for sound level db(A).

At Centex our Engineers have developed solutions for hazardous environments by integrating cutting edge fire suppression systems and exhaust scrubbers. Fire suppression systems are added to comply to underground mining requirements with our exhaust while adhering to CAN MET mining specifications.

Centex Fluid Products offers a variety of Pontoon barges, engineered to meet ever changing conditions and mining charter requirements.  During the design phase, careful attention is paid to the functionality and purpose of the pontoon while adhering to safety standards.  On request, marine prognoses reports are issued by an independent marine architect.  Access walk-way modules can be added to provide maintenance personal with safe unrestricted access.  Multiple pump pontoon / barges can be engineered so that they can be pushed in-situ utilizing bulldozers or other earth moving equipment.