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North America

Project Name Model Quantity Supplied
Pumps - Mexico
Conagua Phase 1 14NHGH-6068 12
Conagua Phase 2 14NHGH-6068 12
Conagua Phase 3 6" Chopper Pump 10

Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan

Project Name Model Quantity Supplied
Pumps - Saudi Arabia
1A East Sewage Pumping Station 16NGH22-VC12DB 2
Dammam Main Pumping Station 16NGH22-VC12DB 2
Dammam Sewage Pumping Station 16NGH22-VC12DB 4
Aljubail Sewage Pumping Station #56. 4 125 2004 N/A 4
Housing Sewage Pumping Station 6NHTA-VM-40-4 1
Housing Sewage Pumping Station 6NHTH-VM-30-6 1
Irrigation Pump For Alkhobar 4414T-18-SUB-75-4 3
Aljubail Sewage Pumping Station 15 14NHGA-VF18DB 2
Pumping Station 16 8NHTR-VFD18DB 2
Awamiyah Sewage Pumping Station 6NHTA-VC18DB 4
Sanabis Sewage Pumping Station 8NNT-VC18DB 4
Qudiah Sewage Pumping Station 6NHTA-VC18DB 4
Housing Sewage Pumping Station 5H-F16 2
Irrigation Pump For KKIA Different models 17
Alkhobar South Pumping Station 14NHGA-VC12DB 2
Solid Handling Pumps For KKMC 4NNT-RH 2
Alkhobar North Pumping Station 12NHG28-VC12DTR 2
Al Nasrah Pumping Station 14NHGA-VC18DB 4
Hot Cocking Oil Pump 5H-F16K 1
Al Jubail Main Pumping Station 8NNT-RP-F18DB 3
Development Of Raas Tanoura Pumping Station 6NNT-15-4, 6NNT-30, 4NNT-5, 8NNT-VC18, 8NNTL-VC18, 8NNT-VC18 22
Development Of  Dammam Pumping Station 8NNT-VC18, 6NNT-VC16, 6NNT-VC16, 6NNT-VC16, 14NHG-VC18, 8NNT-F18DB, 8NNT-100, 6NNT-10, 8NNT-30 28
Replacement Cornell Pumps 6HH-F18DB 2
Ring Line In Dammam 12X14X18A, 12X14X18A, 10X12X15B, 12X14X15M 8
Complete Water Net Work In Alqateef 12X14-15HD, 8X10-18HD 7
Irrigation Pumps For King Khalid 3YH-CC, 3WH-CC 7
Development Of Alkhafgy& Almarkazea 12X16-27BHD, 14X16-18HD, 14X16-18HD 12
Pumping Station 345 in Dammam 8X10-15HD 3
Anaiza Pumping Station 6X8-20HD 3
Ring Line In Dammam 12X14X18A, 12X14X18A, 10X12X15B, 12X14X15M 8
Pumping Station 345 in Dammam 8X10-15HD 3
Abdullah Fuad PS development 4NHTA-VC16 3
Cornell Food Pumps bare shaft 10NHPP-F12K 1
Almarai Dairy Farm CPP 4414T-RP-F18DB 3
Almarai Dairy Farm Badia, Danah, Fanar, Alhamra Farm 4414T-RP-F18DB 10
Almarai Dairy Farm Badia, Danah, Fanar, Alhamra Farm 10NHTB-RP-F18DB, 8NNT-RP-F18DB 8
Almarai Dairy Farm Badia, Danah, Fanar, Alhamra Farm 8NNT-RP-F18DB 6
Alfanar Dairy Farm 6NHTA-RP-F18DB 1
Buraida STP Bypass 12NNF-RP-EM18DB 1
Albusaira Bypass 16NHG22-RP-F18DB 2
6NNT-RP-F16 2
HafrAlbaten Bypass 8NNT-RP-EM18DB 2
Dammam Bypass 8NNT-RP-EM18DB 2
Alqateef Bypass 6NHTA-RP-EM18DB 8
Alkhobar South Pump Station Bypass 16NGH22-RP-F18DB 1
Alkhobar Bypass 8NNT-RP-EM18DB 4
Albandriyah Bypass 8NNT-RP-EM18DB, 12NNF-RP-EM18DB, E1, 16NGH22-RP-F18DB 7
Alhassa Villages Bypass 8NNT-RP-EM18DB, 6NNT-RP-F16 3
Drainage Water Pump 6NHTA-RP-F18DB, 6NNT-RP-F116 4
DeWatering Pump 4NNT-RP-F16 1
4NNT-RP-F16 1
Slurry Irrigation  Water Pump 4414T-RP-F18DB 1
DeWatering Pump 4NNT-RP-F16 4
4NNT-RP-F16 1
Dammam Bypass Pumps 8NNT-RP-EM18DB, 12NNF-RP-EM18DB, 16NGH22-RP-F12TDR, 16NGH22-RP-F12TDR 19
Aljubail Bypass Pumps 12NNF-RP-F18DB 4
Diesel Pumps For NWC Jeddah 16NGH22-RP-F18 DB 4
AlMarai Sand Trap Pumps 8NNT-RP-F18DB 4
Walkway Flushing Pumps 10 NHTA-RP-F18DB, 8NNTA – RP-F18DB 6
Portable Diesel Pumps For Eastern Province MOW 16NGH22-RP-12DTR, 12NNF-RP-EM-18DB, 8NNT –RP-EM-18DB, 16NGH22-RP-F18DB, 18NHFL-RP-F24 33
DeWatering Pump For MOW- Qaseem 8NNT-RP-EM18DB 1
Al Khober North Station 16NHG22-RP-F12DTR 2
DeWatering Self Priming Pumps 6ST-F 2
Operation and Maintenance Of Alqateef 8NNT-RP-EM18DB 3
MASA Jubail Diesel Pumps 12NNF-RP-F18DB. 16NHG22-F12DTR 2
Portable Self-priming For Valleys 3ST-F 4ST-F 5
Alrabiah Expansion 8NNT-RP-F18DB 1
4NNT-RP-F16 1
Soundproof Diesel Pumps For Municipal East Area 8NNT-RP-EM18DB 12NNF-EM18DB 14NHGH-RP-EM18DB 10
Jeddah City Cleaning 20NHF-RP-F20, 12NNF-RP-EM18DB 23
GhuranatahCenteral 4NNT-RP-F16 1
1141 King Saud bin Abdelaziz University 4NNT-RPEM16 1
Albadia dairy farm 2.5YH-RP-F16 1
Alrabiah Construction 6NNT-RP-F16 1
6” Lifting Pump For Al Azizzah Area 6NHTA-EM18DB 1
Jeddah waste Water Networks 6NNT-RP-EM16 8NNT-RP-EM18DB 2
DeWatering Redi-Prime Pumps 8NNT-RP-EM18DB 6NNT-RP-EM16 5
Al Badiah Inquiry No. NP-13-170 4414T-RP-F18DB 4NHTB-RP-F18DB 4NHTA-RP-F18DB 4
Transfer Pumps 4NHTB-RP-F18DB 4
Taif Project 6NNT-RP-EM16 6
MASA Seawater Pumps From Manhole To Main Refinery Line 16NHGH22-RP-F12DTR 3
Non-Cloging Pump 8NNT-RP-F18DB 3
Cornell Pump For Khafji STP 4NNTL-RP-F 4NNTL-RP-F 2
DeWatering Pumps For AlMursalat Area 12NNF-RP-EM18DB 3
Diesel driven Redi-Prime Pumps 12NNF-RP-EM18DB 2
8" Automatic Priming Diesel Pump 6NHTA-RP-EM18DB 3
Irrigation Pump 6NNT-RP-F16 1
Sand Trap Pump - Ref No. (NP-14-298) 8NNT-RP-F18DB 2
Lagoon 7 To CP4 4NHTB-RP-F18DB 3
4NHTA Portable Dewatering Pump 4NHTA-RP-EM16 1
Purchase Req. no. (276856813) 6NNT-RP-EM16 4
12 Sound Proof Portable Diesel Pumps 12NNF-RP-EM18DB 2
Diesel Pump 8NNT-RP-EM18DB 2
Rabigh Municipality Dewatering Pumps 6NNT-RP-EM16 1
6” & 8” Dewatering Pumps 6NNT-RP-EM16 8NNT-RP-EM18DB 2
Grinders in Saudi Arabia
Al Qateef Inline Grinders 40002-1812,2412 24
Dammam & Alkhober Complete JWC Open Channel, Inline 40000-1812 29
Al Jubail Inline Grinders 40002-1812, 2412, 6010 XD. 16
Ahofouf Project JWC Grinders 1
Ras Tanurah Project Inline Grinders model 30004T-B300 4
Al  Mashariq JWC sewage cutter 30040 -12 08 3
Pumps in Iraq
Bazaya Yousifia NDV700C 17
Fallujah F5 P.S. 14NHG-VF18DB 4
Fallujah F1 P.S. 16NHG22-VF18DB 3
Fallujah F2 P.S. 14NHGA-VF18DB 3
4NNT-15-SUB-20-4 3
Fallujah WWTP 14NHGA-VF18DB 4
Fallujah 8NNT-F18 DB 10
Pumps in Jordan
C15-Yasmin PS NDV350E 2
C15-PE-W PS GME 650 6
C15-MPE_W-USAID 5x4x15 2
C15-Yadoudeh P.S 5x4x15 2
C15-Um Uthaina P.S. 5RB 2
Aqaba Pump Station 12NHG28 4

Oman, Qatar, UAE

Project Name Model Quantity Supplied
Pumps in Oman
Salalah Waste Water Network Scheme 12NHG28 6
14NHG 6
Saham Sewerage Network  6NHTA 3
Rustaq Sewerage Network 6NHTR 3
Sur Sewerage Network Scheme 4NHTB 4
Buraimi Sewerage Network Scheme 6NHTA 4
Nizwa Sewerage Network Scheme 6NHTA 12
Sumail Sewerage Network Scheme 6NHTA 4
Kasab sewerage  Network Scheme 4414T 4
AL Ansab sewage Network 4NC 2
Buthainah sewerage Network PS1 6NHTB19 4
Buthainah sewerage Network PS2 6NHTB19 4
O & M Requirement 12NNFRP 2
Grinders in Qatar
As Seeb Phase 1 CDD2410 1
CDD3210 1
As Seeb Phase 2 CDD5016 6
CDD6016 2
Buthainah Sewerage Network CDD2410 4
CDD1810 2
GARZIZ Sewer Network CMD3210 1
Salalah New airport ARS-3004T 1204 1
Pumps in Qatar
By Pass Systems & Over Flow Pumping 8NNTRP 5
12NHG28RP 3
Doha South TSE Pump Systems 14NHG28RP 2
14NHG34RP 3
Bypass Systems & Overflow Pumping 12NHG28RP 4
Storm Water Pumping 4NHTA 4
Grinders in Qatar
Pearl Housing CDD3210 3
CDD4016 2
Doha Airport 30001-RS0804 1
Pumps in UAE
PS-5  Main Network Station 14NHG28 2
Zakhet STP 16NHG22 4
X1 Pump Station 18NHG34-VF30 2
Gulf Foods 6NNP 1
General 10NNTRP 4
General 12NNTRP 2
General 6NHTBRP 1
General 18NHG22 1
Grinders in UAE
Ras Al Khaimah CDD4010XDM2.0 2
AIRCRAFT BLUE Water SYSTEM 30004T-1208 6


Project Name Model Quantity Supplied
Pumps in Sierra Leone
16NHG22-RP-F18DB 3
Pumps in South Africa
Nzuse Irrigation Scheme 3HA-RP-F16 ,2.5YH-RP-F16 , 4HC-RP-F16,4HH-RP-F18DB,  8
Department Of Water Affairs and Forestry Emergenc 6NHTA-RP-EM18DB 2
Kamoto Copper Mine DeWatering  8NHTH-RP-F18DB , 8NHTH-F18DB, 6NHTA-RP-EM18DB, 4NNT-RP-EM16  57
Total Waltloo Fire Water Pump Sets 5H-F18DB 5
SeaWater Extraction 16NHG22-RP-F18DB 1
Phalaborwa Main Sewage Pump Station 6NHTB-VF18DB 2
Phoenix Wastewater Treatment Works 3STX-F 11KW, 6STX-F 30KW 10
Potsdam Wastewater Treatment Plant 18NGHFL-VC18 4
Rand Water Sludge Pump Station Upgrade 12NHG28-F20 4
Seawater Extraction  6NNT-RP-EM16 HATZ 3M41 30KW, 6NHTA-RP-EM18DB PERKINS 1106D-E66TA 168KW, 6NHTB-RP-EM18DB CAT 7.1 170KW 7
Sishen Storm Water Control 6HH-RP-F18DB 2
Johannesburg Water Sewage Pump Station 10NHTB-RP-F18DB 200KW 4
Taung Sewage Pump Station 3STX-F 15 KW 2
Vanwyksruss Sewage Pump Station 12NNF-F18DB 3
Zandspruit Sewage Pump Station Phase 1  6NHTR-F18 132KW 3
Zandspruit Sewage Pump Station Phase 2 6NHTB-F18 200KW 4
Grinders in South Africa
Attridgeville East Sewage Pump Station 1
Richards Bay Auger Monster 1
Garankwa Sewage Pump Station 2
Phalaborwa Main Sewage Pump Station 2
Johannesburg Water Sewage Pump Station 1
Taung Sewage Pump Station 1
First Shopping Center Sewage Control 1
Zandspruit Sewage Pump Station Phase 2 2
Zandspruit Sewage Pump Station Phase 1  1
Other items in South Africa
Kamoto Copper Mine DeWatering  SUCTION INTAKE PONTOONS 12
Pumps in Botswana
Bostwana Mine 6NHTB19-RP-EM18DB WITH CAT C15 , 6NHTB19-EM18DB WITH CAT C15  7
Pumps in Egypt
Tagneed  12NHTM-VF18DB 6
Rasheed SPS-3  4NHTR-VF16 3
6NHTA-VF16 2
12NHG28-VF12 2
Agozeen Project 6NHTA-VF16 4
Koror Project 8NHTH-VF12 4
Beni Ebid 6NHTA-VF16 4
Al Ghaenem - PS1 8NHTR-VF18DB 4
Al-Fayoum P.S. 6NHTB-VF18DB 8
Armant P.S.2 8NHTH-RP-F18DB 4
Abu Attwah P.S. 18NHG34-VF30 6
Armant P.S. 8NHTH-RP-F18DB 4

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